Remove spaces from an input field with JavaScript

This is a small snippet to remove the spaces from an input field using JavaScript. It can be useful when you want a value without spaces, or when you want to replace the spaces from the input field with other characters.

The JavaScript code:

The input field:

The spaces will be stripped from the input field in real-time, as the user types.

Internet Explorer bug – duplicate characters

One of Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 bugs, consists in repeating (duplicating) some characters from the end of some elements with the CSS atribute – float.

What’s triggering this bug:

  • Using HTML comments inserted between the elemens with the float attribute.
  • Hidden elements using display: none

Solutions to prevent the duplication of the characters:

Using conditional comments:

<!--[if !IE]> comments here <![endif]-->

Another solution – you can set for the last element with float: left, the right margin at -3px (margin-right: -3px), and -3px for the left margin of the elements with float: right. Also you can set the width of the first div with 3px larger than the width of the last element with float.