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When running a PHP script from command line interface (CLI), a higher memory limit may be required in order for the script to be successfully executed. This can be achieved using the “-d” or “–define” option in the command. According to the manual:

This option allows you to set a custom value for any of the configuration directives allowed in php.ini.

An example of running a PHP script in CLI with custom memory limit:

Of course the “-d” or “–define” option is not limited to the memory limit directive; it can be use to alter other php.ini directives as well.

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  1. In this case you should create a custom php.ini file and pass it as option for the command. For example, create myphp.ini file and add your custom directives each on a line:
    memory_limit = 128M
    max_input_vars = 10

    Then run the command like:
    php -c myphp.ini my_script.php

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