Easy file sharing with Python SimpleHTTPServer

By | February 8, 2012

An easy way to share files from your computer is to use Python SimpleHTTPServer. You don’t need to know Python programming to use the SimpleHTTPServer, the only requirement is to have Python installed on the machine where the files that needs to be shared are located.

Most Linux distributions are shipped with Python installed by default, but for Windows you might need to check how to use Python on Windows.

To start the SimpleHTTPServer “cd” into the directory which you want to be shared and run the command:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

You need to specify a port, usually 8000, like in the example should be just fine.
To access the shared files o to http://your_ip_address:8000.

3 thoughts on “Easy file sharing with Python SimpleHTTPServer

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  2. Ken Starks

    When I start the server via your instructions, the terminal reports:

    Serving HTTP on port 8000

    Shouldn’t that be my IP address port 8000? Aside from basic networking knowledge, what am I missing?

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